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5 Tips On How to Create An Aesthetic Instagram Feed

Today I want to share with you 5 tips that will help you make your Instagram feed more interesting, harmonious and aesthetic. These tricks are very simple and absolutely everyone can use them, but perhaps you just haven’t paid attention to them before! So, let’s jump straight to the first one.

1. Same background

The first tip to make your Instagarm feed look more aesthetic is to use a solid background. This is when you take different photographs, but always against a background of the same color. It does not have to be literally the same background all the time, but it is important to use just one shade.

Match the background color in your photos to unify your Instagram feed and create an aesthetic look of your account.

This is why you might have noticed many Instagram accounts that look super cool, harmonious, and very stylish, all based on a white background. You can use absolutely any color you want though! White is most common because it makes an account look very clean, light and polished. Another reason is that white is easy to find absolutely everywhere. It is enough to have just some kind of white fabric or a white wall. For an example look at @jesshunt2, @mariakragmann and @lissyroddyy Instagarm accounts.

Using these accounts as an example, it’s easy to see how nice and harmonious this color looks.

Although bleached photos are already outdated – it’s Instagram anti-trend. But anti-trends can look very organic and are totally fine to use if done correctly.

In this account, the background is constantly whitened, and although whitening has been an anti-trend for a long time, in this case it looks very harmonious. At the end, the most important aspect is not what is trending or not right now, but how competently you use the technique.

2. Accent colors

This tip is very close to the first one but slightly different. In this technique you use some specific shades or 2-3 colors instead of only one color. There may be several of them, or there may be just one accent shade that you mix into different photos. For example, it could be a shade of green, like in these two accounts of @mikhailova_maria and @tamaraclaren.

What is important here is that this shade of green is the same in all the photos. Using different greens will not create the same effect. You just need to space out photos that have this color with those who don’t, to balance your theme.

This next example from @shepelevich focuses not on one shade, but on three intersecting colors at once - white, beige and black. These colors are constantly present in the photos. Even when one of the colors is not included in a specific photo, this color will be in the neighboring photos, and thus you still see the harmonious intersection of these three colors.

Use one shade of color or 2-3 accent colors in your Instagram feed to create a cohesive look.

The important nuance here is you don't need to use all these colors in every single photo. Just use these colors periodically and space them out harmoniously in your grid so they are not located all together.

3. Cutaways

The next technique, which many people forget, is to use cutaways in their feed, which is a term taken from filmmaking. Movie cutaways are frames that dilute the picture, making it more interesting. There can be some kind of action and at the same time there are cutaways adding extra details or setting the scene. In a movie, you can remove these frames to be more direct, but without them the movie will look dry and lifeless.

Add cutaways to your Instagram feed to make it more interesting!

The same thing happens on Instagram. There are shots which can help you set the style and create a certain atmosphere in the feed. As a rule, these kinds of shots have no people in them and are often used in accounts that have a person as the main focus in it to discharge the visual intensity.

It could be anything - statues, nature, some kind of beautiful musical instrument, flowers or other details such as jewelry or accessories related to the account's overall style.

Look how @paola_cossentine, @heyhegia and @tamaraclaren use cutaways in their Instagram feed.

For example, this is very common in the Parisian style, where these types of shots help to achieve the feeling of something so European, sublime, and classical.

Such photos often get a very small number of likes, so you might be tempted not to post them or maybe even don't take these shots in the first place.

"After all, if they don't get likes, why post them?"

But in fact, these photos are very important for creating a good first impression of your account. If we are talking about creating a fully-fledged, beautiful feed in a certain style, these photos can finish off this style's feeling and become the highlight of your Instagram.

So, do not get upset if they get saved much less, get less likes and no one comments on them. It's totally normal. As individual posts they may not be noted, but your Instagram feed overall will look great!

4. Accentuation

Another trick that you can use is to accentuate a particular detail in your Instagram feed. This technique is usually used in commercial accounts but can even work for your personal Instagram if you focus on a specific aspect instead of sharing everything. For example, you could focus on the color of your eyes, or on your hair or your figure. But in this case, it is very important to adhere to this emphasis.

Here is an example of @anisasojka account that already looked very good, but when the creator decided to focus specifically on her hair, the account began to look more stylish and consequently much more attractive to viewers. Up to this point, her account looked not that bad, just ‘average’. It was very similar to everyone else’s feed. When this account got its own hook, it immediately began to attract more attention.

Having a focal point in your Instagram theme helps to create interest!

You can focus on anything, even inanimate objects: for example, on the interior of your house or on decorations. But having a focal point certainly helps to create interest.

5. Intensive editing

The last trick has become an anti-trend; but I want to stress that if you do everything competently, beautifully and organically, you will still have a beautiful Instagram that attracts your audience, even if you do not follow the so-called latest trends.

This last trick is very intensive editing. I want to show you a few examples from @audreyrivet, @sarahmantelin and @helena.moore where it looks very organic, so you can see how it can be used effectively. These accounts are generally not inferior to those accounts that are now trendy, a la natural style.

When the very natural style became popular on Instagram, everyone quickly started copying it and many just got lost among the masses. In order to stand out, you need to have individuality and here you have the freedom to maintain your account as you really want.

There are, of course, trends and anti-trends, which I will talk about in future posts, but this is only so you are aware of what these trends are. You may like some of them, others not so much, but that does not mean that you need to blindly follow them.

Very intensive editing can help you make a beautiful Instagram, especially if your photos are very different.

Natural style requires a lot more attention during shooting than other styles. You need to think more about how your shots are positioned and how the colors will intersect with the other photos in your feed. That is, during shooting, you need to be very careful and selective about each photo.

If you forget about one of these elements and all your photos are different, then you can use very intensive editing. It will bring everything into one single style without all that extra work. The main thing is to do it organically, beautifully and stylishly, and not in a way that makes people want to pluck their eyes out :)

That is it! Using these simple tricks, you can emphasize your unique style and build an aesthetic Instagram feed. The right Instagram aesthetic can help you set yourself and your brand apart and get others to notice you more.

If you are unsure what your aesthetic is and haven’t decided on the style yet, in the next blog post, I will share 5 tips on how to find your aesthetic and come up with your unique style on Instagram.

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I hope this article was helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. Until next time, see you all on Instagram!

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